So, if you’re a friend of mine of Facebook, there’s a chance you may have, over the past few months, noticed an influx of photography showing up on my page. The truth is, I’ve had the camera I’ve been using – a Canon PowerShot A810 – for almost 2 years now, I simply never used it. You see, up until recently I was rather disrespectful of the medium. I thought photography  was just an artists way of taking the easy way out – it wasn’t until I decided to take my camera out for a test drive that I realized how wrong I was.

I’ve learned that while photography does sometimes boil down to “right place, right time”, most of the time there’s a lot more to it than that. It can take a lot of talent to find images in unexpected places, or to capture obvious subjects in an unusual way. It’s something that I’ve really enjoyed discovering, I just wish I wasn’t so late to the game. As with most of my artistic endeavors, it’s something I’ve had to teach myself almost entirely, and with apps like Instagram allowing people to “edit” their photos, with the mere click of a button, into an even better image, learning how to do so without that ease has been a somewhat grudging experience. Especially when I spend an hour taking a single image, then an hour tweaking it to get it “perfect”, only to see someone else taking a quick snapshot with their phone and sticking a filter on it – job done. Ugh! XD

Anyway, it has been a little while since I’ve upload anything, although I’m still taking photographs with the same consistency – I’ve just been holding back on publishing them as often as I used to. I’m biding my time for now, until the new year rolls over – at which point I shall be uploading no-holds-barred once more. Right now, besides my usual photography, I’ve been focusing a lot more on self-portraits, and the application of artistic effects (like the image I use for my profile picture). Once I’m more confident, I’m hoping to move on to portraits of actual people, so look forward to that, I guess?


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