The past couple of days I’ve been feeling pretty ill. I’m under the impression it’s nothing more serious than a cold, but it’s been more persistent than colds usually are for me, so I’ve started to get grumpy. Especially considering I’m a day away from taking a week’s holiday off work – and it’s starting to look incredibly likely that said holiday is going to be marred by sniffles and self-pity. Instead of just self-pity, as would be the norm. xD

Usually when I’m ill my first port of call is to inhale a bowl of hot tomato soup – a rather generic tradition that harkens back to my days as a child – but unfortunately in the past year I apparently never thought that tomato soup was important enough to purchase. I have spicy parsnip, french onion, and numerous other faux-posh varieties, but I don’t have a single tin of tomato, or chicken noodle – my second choice in these situations.

As I have work in less than four hours, I am rather determined to start feeling better. I haven’t taken a single day off sick yet, and I don’t intend to start now. So, I’m currently attempting to drink copious amounts of lemon & ginger green tea with honey, in the hopes that I can at least stop myself from sounding like Darth Vader every time I speak.

So does anyone else have any “traditions” for when they’re feeling a bit crap? Would love to hear the things other people do when they’re trying to feel better, especially if they are a little bit unusual. After all, unusual habits are definitely the best kind! 😛 x


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