Just a little more information about my plans for this blog’s near-future. Basically, the plan for the coming months (probably until the end of January), is to write all of my content once a week, and then set it to publish itself in advance. Given my busy work schedule, I think – should this method prove successful – this plan could be the way forward. Each week will be planned to follow a basic structure, within which I will be using tags to gauge interest in the various subjects – so as to see what’s working, and what’s not. So, without further ado, here’s the low-down on what the blog is going to (hopefully) look like for the next while. Fingers crossed that things pan out as planned.

The Sunday Summary. Basically, a diary-esque summation of my week – dedicated to the highlights/lowlights of my life, and documenting anything I’ve seen/done which I found particularly interesting, and the progress of any projects I’ve been working on. These posts will, of course, be subject to material. And thus, on weeks in which nothing happens I’ll probably just end up leaving this day blank. Or post something random.

Recommendations. Basically, what it says on the tin. Every Monday I’ll shine a spotlight on a particular thing (an album, tv show, book, etc) which I think people might enjoy. Depending on the subject, this may involve review-like aspects, or personal anecdotes which relate to the particular recommendation. With any luck, this will be an easy topic to repeat, as there’s a lot I’m passionate about, so there shouldn’t be any blank days.

My Gaming Diary. This entry will act as a general blanket-topic for my various gaming exploits. Depending on how active my gaming has been in that week, I’ll use to either document my progress in a particular game or highlight the various games I’ve played that week. Probably more for the “nerds”, this may not survive far beyond January, depending on who ends up reading this blog – and whether anyone is even interested.

Show & Tell. Again, this one is rather self explanatory. Basically, Wednesdays will be the day in which I post photography, artwork, or anything else I’ve made/done in that week. As it relies on my being productive, there will most likely be the occasional week in which this day has no entry – but hopefully, having it hang over my head will be enough motivation to make sure I always do something. Although, failing that I’m sure I can rustle up some things I’ve done in the past to “show off”. There are plenty of photos…

As mentioned in the previous post, these will be dedicated to Throwbacks & Flashbacks.

Saturday Story. This is the entry most likely to end up dead in the water, but I’m hoping it won’t. Basically, every Saturday I’ll upload a chapter to a short story. I have numerous idea floating around, so I haven’t yet decided whether on not to commit to one single story, or numerous short stories. Depending on inspiration and motivation, this could either be successful, or just fade away quietly. Hopefully, of course, it’ll be the former.

Top 10. Basically, every week I’ll give a “personal” top 10 about a particular topic. Some of these will be particularly general – such as Top 10 Television Shows, or Top 10 Comic Books – while others will be slightly more focused – such as Top 10 Video Games (RPG), or Top 10 Lily Allen Songs. Not really expecting this to be particularly popular, but I just think it’s nice to slip in little things to help people get to know me and my interests.

20 Questions. Like the Top 10s, this is basically just another idea to help people get an impression of who I am. Every 20th post I’ll upload 20 random questions, along with their answers. These will either be questions I’ve come up with myself, quizzes I’ve found online, or – if anyone cares enough – questions asked by viewers. So, assuming there’s anything you would liketo know, feel free to ask and I’ll be sure to answer! 🙂


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