I don’t spend as much time on YouTube as I used to, or – perhaps more accurately – I don’t spend as much time watching vloggers. However, I stumbled upon SkylarkEleven (A.K.A – Skylar Kergil) recently, and I’ve found his videos incredibly refreshing. A trans activist, musician and poet, Kergil documented his transition from female to male in an incredibly honest, and revealing, way, and he has created many videos which help to enlighten the uninformed, and aid trans individuals in dealing with the various struggles they may have to face. I’ve always considered myself an egalitarian individual, but sadly the struggles of trans people was something I had a very limited understanding of. Of course I empathized, but as I had never experienced it myself, it was something I was always rather ignorant of. I had a general understanding of the more obvious “issues”, but due to the fact that I’d had no contact with the trans community, and never knew any openly trans individuals, I’ve always been a little “presumptuous” – and I’m glad I came across Kergil’s videos because they have helped to open my eyes, and expanded my understanding of the LGBTQ community beyond my previous limits. I recommend visiting “SkylarkEleven” on YouTube, not just for the aforementioned reasoning, but also because he’s a pretty kick-ass singer and poet. So, if for some crazy reason you don’t want to broaden your horizons, at least give his music a listen, and see what you think! 🙂


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