So, I wrote a post recently about the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. It wasn’t particularly in-depth – being more about my experience with the books, rather than being about the books themselves – but it got the job done. As with the majority of the content on this blog, it wasn’t really written with the expectation of people actually reading it… so I was surprised to discover the next day that it had been featured in the Fighting Fantasy digest. At first I was frustrated that my content was being shared without my consent – as I only discovered it due to a mention on twitter, announcing that I had “contributed” – but eventually I decided to just take it as a good thing. After all, at least I got credit for it, which is more than some people get out there. So, I just thought I’d do a little post about it – after all, being featured sent readers my way, so it’s only fair that I attempt to do the same. So, if you read my post about Fighting Fantasy, and enjoyed it, feel free to follow the link below for more content of that kind. If you’re a fan of Fighting Fantasy, I’m sure that you’ll find plenty of things there that will pique your interests.

Fighting Fantasy Digest – 28/11/2014




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