So, this is a little later than I intended, but I wanted to wish everyone a Merry X’mas. Last year I was pretty busy, but it didn’t really prepare me or how busy I was going to be this year… so it’s safe to say I haven’t managed to get quite as much done during December as I had originally planned. Nonetheless, it’s been (more or less) a good month – Santa was good to me this year, and with extra hours comes extra money… so I’m definitely better off now than I was at the beginning of the month (which goes without saying to an extent…).

Looking on to 2016, I’m spending this last week planning as opposed to acting, using the age-old “New Years Resolution” excuse to put things off just a little bit longer. My hope being that by putting a little more thought into the hows and whys of what I’m doing, my chances of succeeding will be higher. Generally speaking, I’ve got the usual changes planned (quit smoking, lose weight, etc), but there are also a few other things in the pipeline that I’ve been putting off for to long. So, once New Year starts I’m going to be making some serious attempts to be more productive, and consistent – in the hopes that I’ll finally get to where I’ve been going.

So, in retrospect, I wish you all a late Merry Christmas, and an early Happy New Year! Hopefully 2016 will bring good things to all of you. 😀


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