So, what with it being New Year an’ all (or, at least, 7 days into New Year), I figured I would make some of my resolutions public, in an attempt to motivate myself, by making me feel culpable should I fail. Generally speaking, I’m not making resolutions in the “traditional” sense, more just setting myself numerous goals which I wish to reach within the space of this year. I’m hoping that by being somewhat casual with these goals, I won’t feel forced into them – and thereby might actually stick to them. Besides sticking my initial goals up here, I will probably attempt to update with my progress as and when I feel like it… so if you’re interesting in seeing how long it takes me to fail, stay tuned! 😛

Goal 1. is quite simply; quitting smoking. It’s an incredibly loathsome habit that I picked up when I was 15 in attempt to make myself look cool in front of my then-boyfriend, and that reason alone should be enough to quit! Considering how against smoking I was as a child (at one point I basically started an anti-smoking campaign against my father), it’s always felt a little strange that I ended up becoming a smoker – and 2015 seems like a good year to stop. So, I’m going to attempt it more or less cold turkey this time, only using patches and/or electric cigarettes when the cravings hit boiling point. In the past two days I’ve managed to only have two cigarettes, and I’m hoping to nip that in the bud, and finish the week having smoked no more than that. I’ll update with my progress on this in a couple of weeks (to see if I’ve managed to stick with it that far), and then see how things go from there.

Goal 2. is also rather cliched, in that it’s simply a goal to lose weight. Over the past few years I’ve slowly, but steadily, been putting on weight (in this last year especially, as I gave up vegetarianism), so my goal for this year is to reverse this process, and get myself back to a weight in which I feel a little more confident – as I’m not going to lie, my confidence has definitely receded on account of my weight gain. I’m by no means over-weight at the moment, but I could definitely stand to be a little lighter – and if it helps my energy levels then it can only be a plus. In order to work on this, I’m going to start off by resuming my vegetarian diet (as I can’t even remember why I stopped it in the first place), and attempt to fit more exercise into my daily routine. I’ve never been averse to exercise, but due to my erratic work schedule, I’ve always found myself feeling incredibly lethargic around the times in which exercise would be a valid option… so I’m definitely going to have to make more of an effort to squeeze it in. Generally speaking, I’d like to lose about 2 stone by the end of the year, but I’ll soon find out whether that will be a viable target or not. If so, then my target will be a loss of roughly 2 pounds a month… which as far as I’m aware is a relatively safe and realistic goal.

Goal 3. is in regards to my creativity – and the decline it went through last year. Again, I’m hoping to put a stop to this, and produce more work in 2015. To that end, I’ve set myself the goal of renovating my art portfolio, recording a small EP, and designing a functional video game demo – all by the end of the year. I’ve also set myself a couple of “stretch goals”, but those will only be relevant if I manage to complete one of these projects in a shorter time span that I’ve predicted. Generally speaking, my portfolio will most likely be taking priority – as Goal 4. is to apply (and hopefully get accepted into) college to further my art studies. While my portfolio was ready a few years ago when I had initially planned to apply, it’s somewhat outdated in regards to my capabilities now, so I’m hopefully going to completely re-do it to the point that I can be proud of it once more, and use it as a tool to further my creative endeavors in an educational environment.

So there you have it, my 4 main goals for the year. Will I fail, or will I succeed? Only time will tell…


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