Gaming Diary – Phantasy Star Gaiden Pt. 03


Console: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: 1992
ROM Translated by: “Magic Destiny”

With no idea where to go, I decide to try my luck at the nearby gypsy encampment. Well, first I tried crossing the desert – but the monsters within proved much too powerful for my party at their current level. Luckily for me the gypsies inform me of a fortune teller in their camp – and who better to tell me where I should go next? So, after popping into numerous houses (which, considering this is a camp, look suspiciously similar to the futuristic houses of the original Phantasy Star – in stark contrast to the houses we’ve seen elsewhere), I find the fortune teller’s abode. After crossing her palm with 120 mesetas, she rewards me with the vague nugget of information below, in addition to a “Bracelet of Kura” – whatever that is.

A wee enemy will join; a big one will guide.
A boat will appear when the Master is found. Take this…
-Got the Bracelet of Kura.-


There’s nothing else “important” here – that I’m aware of at least – so with that out of the way, I think we’ll continue to the next town and see if any plot happens there. I’m not feeling particularly optimistic – given how so much of Phantasy Star’s “plot” happened in it’s dungeons – but you never know, we might meet an important NPC, or at least find someone who’ll give us an idea as to where we should be headed next…

The town of Mektor is much larger than Tedo, but doesn’t feature anything particularly new. It has the usual item/weapon/magic shops (which each feature a more impressive selection than before), and an Inn (although Alec’s mother is still only a minute’s walk away… so this Inn probably won’t see any use). Besides this, the town is really just a more “padded out” variant of Tedo, without those pesky plot-important NPCs. The only thing worthy of note is an NPC who offers to give a “tour” of the town… although this is a rather pointless waste of your mesetas.

This guy’s pimp hat made me think this was a very different offer at first.

And yet here we are, and here you are… I call bullshit.

And once again, a blonde-haired lady is bringin’ us the knowledge!

I’ve been to the not-so-aptly-named Tinyville once before, but as it was a mistake on my part, I glossed over it. Now, however, it seems that the search for a Map may be the closest thing we have to a current goal – besides Alec’s whole “my daddy’s been kidnapped” schtick. So, with nothing better to do (your daddy is just gonna have to wait Alec), I guess we should press on to Tinyville, in the hope that finding a Map may enlighten us as to where we should go next…

Once we have arrived in Tinyville, tracking down the Map becomes our main priority – and finding it’s owner is a surprisingly easy task. Mr McSillyname (A.K.A – Popo) lives in one of houses nearest to the entrance.

Speaking to him proves fruitless, however, as he merely boasts of the Map’s money-making potential. His next-door neighbour, however, proves to know a little more about the map than Popo is letting on…

Guess Popo will have to put his get-rich-quick schemes on hold for now.

This is Lao-tse. Lao-tse will knock you all down.

Visiting the cave to the north of Tinyville I discovered two things – 1. that this is in fact the same cave that I visited to get the Scroll of Truth – it is merely a seperate entrance, and 2. that fixed encounter that trounced me back then? Still just as impossible to beat now. In order to get the map, however, we’re going to have to beat him – but considering my party can’t even damage him yet, I’m guessing this is not the goal I thought it would be. If it is, Sega are really taking the piss with their level grinding expectations…

With that in mind, I might as well leave this part as is, and do some research as to what I should be doing next. So, when we return in Part Four, look forward to some honest-to-goodness progress!


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