Gaming Diary – Phantasy Star Gaiden Pt. 04


Console: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: 1992
ROM Translated by: “Magic Destiny”

Research done, I now know that my main priority should be collecting the “ATV”, and with that in mind I travel south to the port town of Karkato.


The citizens are, for the most part, all preoccupied with their town’s inability to travel the seas due to monsters – but their worries will just have to wait, as we have much more important things to think about. Mainly, the town’s reckless disregard for the age limit.

After wading through the various self-pitying NPCs, preoccupied with petty issues like how they’re going to feed their families if they can’t go fishing, we find this chap – who takes it upon himself to recommend the town’s local sambucca-esque liqueur to a pair of traveling minors. In true RPG fashion, this “Ouzo” is clearly important now, so before traveling to the ruins to the east, we make a quick stop at the local item shop to pick up a bottle. Lucky for us, the guy doesn’t ask for ID.

Ouzo at the ready, we travel to the eastern ruins.

Well… isn’t that convenient!

A quick trip to our inventory and…

…he takes the bait!

Clearly this man is being paid too much.


The ruins prove to be surprisingly short, and we are able to reach the chest containing the ATV, and return to the exit, with only 1 Torch – which is lucky, as I forgot to purchase any more since the last dungeon. There are no random encounters here either, which feels rather odd… but does provide a welcome change from the encounter-every-two-steps we had to deal with in the northern cave. Nonetheless, I feel like a boss battle would have been nice, as so far – besides Lao-tse – we have yet to encounter anything even resembling a boss – meaning that once we’ve done an adequate amount of level-grinding, every area loses all semblance of challenge beyond the frustration of constant battle.

The ATV is apparently some kind of car, and with it we can now cross the desert (something I wasn’t aware we couldn’t do). What dangers await us beyond the desert? Will we finally meet something akin to a boss? Will the plot finally develop beyond a giant fetch quest? Find out next time, in Part Five! 😛


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