Gaming Diary – Phantasy Star Gaiden Pt. 05


Console: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: 1992
ROM Translated by: “Magic Destiny”

So, in attempting to cross the desert it soon becomes apparent that we have some level grinding to do. While we have been killing every foe we’ve met recently with a single blow, the enemies here have a nasty habit of constantly evading our attacks (in other words, our attacks our doing zero damage), somewhat akin to Lao-tse. Speaking of that inexplicably powerful old man, however, seeing how we’re going to need to gain a few levels before progressing anyway  (and we’ve certainly gained a few since last facing him), we might as well return and see if we are strong enough to beat him yet.

We are.

Popo’s Teacher: You’ve done well.
I know all about your mission.
Take this item that Popo stole,
and good luck!
-Got a World Map!-


After buying some better equipment, and levelling up a few more times, we manage to cross the desert in one piece, and enter a cave just south. Considering the relative difficulty of the enemies I fought in the desert, I was suprised to discover the enemies within to be those I had been fighting in the areas previous… in other words, this dungeon turned out to be incredibly easy.

Inside, besides the endless of torrent of low-level enemies, we find four treasures; a Patriot Ring (a one-shot attack item), a Typhoon Bomb (another attack item), a Trimate (fully restores HP to one ally), and a Perseus Shield (the most instantly useful of the four, which grants a nifty defense upgrade when compared to the shields currently within my price range).

With the cave thoroughly looted, we can now proceed to the town of Porum just a little to the east. The town is nothing special, but it does contain some better equipment/spells in it’s shops – so once again we’re going to have to start saving up for some better equipment.

Thanks for the information Mr. Random NPC!

Well, I guess we won’t be reaching Tarrytown this way…

Dirk has an item and a name. Dirk must be important.

Our next goal will be to traverse this forest to the south… but – shockingly – the enemies within are too strong for us to fight at the moment. Therefore, I’m going to end this part here, as I will need to do a moderate amount of grinding before attempting to get through here. Once I’ve gained a few levels, and upgraded my equipment accordingly, we will return… and see what lies beyond the forest! So, see you in Part Six!


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