Gaming Diary – Phantasy Star Gaiden Pt. 06


Console: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: 1992
ROM Translated by: “Magic Destiny”


So, in lieu of level grinding, I decided to go through the forest the old fashioned way – by constantly running away from battles. This doesn’t negate the challenge, however, as I soon discover the forest is one of the “Lost Woods” variety – constantly warping you to a small hut at the center whenever you try to leave the wrong way. After a myriad of wrong turns, and the backtracking that ensued, we eventually come across Dirk – a dwarf, who seems to be just as lost as we are.


Dirk: Hello! I… ah… er… seem to be lost!
Mina: Sir, we’re looking for Old Rob’s brother…a fellow called Dirk.
Dirk: Why… Hey, I’m Dirk!
Alec: We need to close the sluice.
Dirk: Hmm… Only if you help me get home.
I seem to have used up all of my magic!
My house is in the center of the forest.
Mina: Of course, we’ll help you get home.
-Dirk Joined-

Wait, what the hell just happened? When was it discussed that we were searching for Old Rob’s brother? And what the hell is a “sluice”? I’m going to assume there was some error in translation at some point down the line, because this is all completely new to me. Nonetheless, we now have a third party member… so, confusion aside, we can probably take this as a win.


Somewhat unsurprisingly, with Dirk in our party – and our current goal now being to reach his home- leaving the forest no longer warps us directly to the cottage, but instead takes us back outside. It isn’t exactly difficult to find the center of the forest though, so taking Dirk back to his cottage is a rather simlpe task. How he managed to get lost in a forest he lives in, however, is beyond me…

Dirk: I’m in your debt…
Let’s go close that sluice!
-Got Sluice Key-


Trying to leave the forest proves… impossible, as the area of the overworld we arrive in leads nowhere but back into the forest… and the area of the forest we arrive in only leads back outside… Luckily, we brought a “Telepipe” with us, which allows us to teleport to the last town we visited, in this case it conveniently takes us back to the nearby town of Porum – where I’m pretty sure we needed to go anyway.

In town, however, we can’t seem to find any hints as to whee this “sluice” is… so, in the end I decide to head north, seeing how it’s the only direction we haven’t been. It quickly becomes becomes apparent that Dirk is going to be more of a dead weight than  had anticipated though, as he has no equipment, and is almost 10 levels lower than Mina and Alec. This, of course, means that we’ll be ending this part here, so that I can do some level grinding, for Dirk’s benefit, and work out where I’m going next. So, see you all in Part Seven! 🙂


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