Thoughts on Alcohol

I had rather mixed feelings about alcohol in the past. Ironically, considering I work as a bartender, in the last few years I’ve found it hard to find any merit to the idea of drinking. When I was younger (by which I mean, about two-three years ago), I drank rather heavily (a side-effect of my living alone and unsupervised for the first time), and looking back all I can really remember getting out of it was an empty wallet and a hangover. Well, that and the consequences of the poor decisions I often made while inebriated.

As a result of my disillusionment with alcohol, I made it a resolution of sorts to “cut down” on drinking after my 20th birthday, and during 2014 it’s safe to say I succeeded. Subtracting birthdays and special occasions, I think I went out – for no other reason than going out – about four times in total, with only one of those being my idea. And honestly, looking back, it didn’t make me feel “better” in the way I expected it would.

In retrospect, I think I partly “demonized” alcohol in my mind, using it to take to blame for many of the poor decisions I made “back in the day”. I’ve never been one for purely empirical experiences, so the money I spent on alcohol always felt wasted the next day, as I never had anything physical to show for it (besides a host of blurry, unflattering photos). But, after going out for drinks over last weekend – and admittedly getting rather smashed – I’ve come to realize that sometimes the experience is worth the price of admission, so to speak.

So, while I have no intention of returning to my previous ways, I think 2015 is going to be the year I stop avoiding drink, and just start going with the flow again. I’m sure I’ll have bad experiences at some point, inappropriately-timed hangovers come to mind (amongst other things), but hopefully the good experiences will outweigh the bad. Given that I’m a little older – and a little more mature – I think now I’ll be in a better position to enjoy alcohol as opposed to just consuming it with intoxication in mind.


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