Gotta catch them all.

So, I’ve gotten back into Pokemon recently. Probably as a result of the fact that I have a 3DS now, and therefore the ability to play the most recent games. Whilst I wait for the best opportunity to purchase a newer title, I’ve started playing Pokemon Platinum – mainly to refresh my memory, but also to catch more of my favorite Pokemon, in the hopes of transferring them to my next game. Going back to it, I was actually surprised to see how little I had done.

I mean, I’ve defeated the Elite Four… but haven’t actually progressed much further than that, having been side-tracked the last time I played (trying to catch all my favorite water Pokemon once I got the Super Rod). So, right now my party is basically all water Pokemon. Because strategy and type effectiveness means nothing to me.

Well, that’s putting my Pokemon down a little. I have put some thought into my party, with only one pure water type (Azumarill, who I’ve recently discovered is now a Water/Fairy type). My other Pokemon right now are Starmie, Lombre, Lanturn, Pelipper and Quagsire… and they all have moves of at least 3 different types, so my coverage is actually pretty good.

I think a lot of the reason I drift out of playing Pokemon so often is the fact that it’s so much harder to find real-life people to battle against. I never really feel a desire to create a stronger team than is necessary to defeat the Elite Four, which means I often tend to cap a few at Level 60 and then get bored. However, I’ve learned a little bit about EV training and the complexities of breeding recently, which has given be a bit of motivation to go back and “reboot” my party.


2 thoughts on “Gotta catch them all.

  1. I’ve been playing Pokemon Platinum for awhile now. I really like your choice of team. I’ve played the game multiple times, each focusing on a different type of team. Right now I’m working on fighting.


    1. Oh, that’s a pretty cool way of adding replay value actually… I’ve never really considered that 🙂 I’d be terrible at trying to come up with a Fighting-oriented party, I’m lost when it comes to any of the Physical-based types XD

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