More work to do.

So… I think I’ve got all my application stuff sorted now. At least, as close to being sorted as I’m able to get it. Now I’ve just got to wait and hope that when the time comes I filled in all the forms right and there are no problems waiting to surprise me down the line.

Been incredibly stressed about my SAAS application in particular, due to the fact that it updates so slowly. However, after sending what felt like a hundred e-mails, I finally got a reply that more or less put me at ease, telling me that I’ve sent everything they think I need to, and that it’d take a while for things to process (so I’ll just have to wait).

Now my main worry is just getting my house ready for leaving, and packing everything I’ll be taking with me – and I have no idea where to start in that regard. I mean, should I take my all my books, or just some? What should I do with the ones I don’t take? Store them? Donate them? Trash them? And I’ve no idea how I’m going to deal with all my furniture yet either… *sigh*.

A part of me is tempted to just dump/donate everything I can’t/don’t want to take with me… but I feel like that’s probably a quite short-sighted way to go about things. I’ve got two months to work it out anyway, so I guess there’s no serious rush yet. I’ll just need to take my time and make sure I don’t throw out anything I’ll regret, or take a bunch of things with me that I don’t need…

And here was me thinking that once I had finished my applications I’d be able to relax…


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