The dogs of BoJack Horseman (part 2)

Continuing on from yesterdays post, I realized that there were definitely enough new dogs in season 2 to warrant a second post. I was a little worried that I had over-estimated the number in my head, and whilst they did reuse a number of background characters from the first season (I mean, it would have been stupid not to), they didn’t get lazy with new designs – in fact if anything I think the second season had more.

So, without further ado, here’s a gallery of my 10 favorite new dogs from season 2, along with a couple of honorable mentions.

Dog3This makeup dog appears quite frequently during the second season, and even makes an appearance in the title sequence. Like the majority of characters featured here, she doesn’t have any speaking roles (that I can recall), but she still manages to be memorable nonetheless.

Dog2This guy only makes a brief appearance during a flashback, but he just looks so jolly that I had to include him.

Dog8Another one-shot character. I love how they used primary colors to really make his outfit pop, and they create a pleasant contrast with his black & white fur.

Dog13I intentionally avoided including dogs from paintings in my last post, but I feel like this guy’s design was detailed enough to warrant inclusion. Also, I really wanted to include a bulldog.

Dog10This guy is just plain cool, and I hope they find an excuse to use him again in season 3. He could be a bloodhound Sherlock Hound, and have a little Beagle as his Watson!

Dog9So, I’m counting these guys as one just for the sake of fitting in as many dogs as I can. It’s quite unusual to find so many characters of the same species in one scene (bar humans), so I guess a wedding was as good an excuse as any. I love how the guy on the right has heterochromia – it’s such an unnecessary detail, but shows that every design has thought put into it.

Dog5Struggled to get a decent screencap of this guy… so this one will just have to do. Seeing him reminds me of the yorkshire terrier my grandmother had when I was little – he’s so cute.

Dog15Like… how buff is this guy? Pretty cool design. He looks like he could beat up most of the other dogs on this list with one hand tied behind his back.

Dog12This guys face is just adorable, but unfortunately he only appears in the background of this one scene, and he spent most of it partially obscured – so this was the best image I could get. It seems kind of weird to me that there are so many well-designed characters that the show doesn’t really… highlight, I guess? But I suppose it just shows that they put effort into everything, regardless of how important or necessary it is – which is admirable.

Dog16So, the last of the new dogs is this guy – a saint bernard. It’s design actually caused me to look into the whole barrel-round-the-neck thing, as before I just kind of accepted it, without wondering why it was a thing… I could explain it here, but I’m trying to keep on topic – and you have Google.

And now, it’s time for the honorable mentions!

Dog17This guy is back! I somehow managed to miss/forget his non-flashback appearances, but luckily his existence in the present was pointed out to me. It seems kind of weird how much he’s aged in comparison to other characters who were around at that time… but then, it is still a cool detail that he has.

Dog11And finally, this guy. I’m pretty sure he’s the same wolf-dog from the running gag in season one (see my last post if you don’t know who I mean), although there are some notable changes in his design that leave me uncertain as to whether that is the case (his nose and ears are both slightly different). I’m going to assume  these changes are just signs of aging, however, like with the previous dog.

So there you have it. I haven’t included every dog from the first two seasons, but I’ve hopefully included enough to get across my points –
1) The creators of this show are hard workers.
2) Anthropomorphized dogs are awesome.

I’m considering turning this whole thing into some kind of “BoJack Appreciation Month”, to celebrate the upcoming season and get me pumped up for it. The more I’ve watched the show, and spoken with people about it, the more aware I’ve become of how much it has to offer… so, time permitting, I’m going to try to post a series of blogs studying different aspects of the series so far – partly to motivate my own analysis of the show, partly to encourage others to watch it (if they haven’t already), and partly just to give me an excuse to repeatedly marathon it in anticipation of the upcoming season.


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