BoJack Dissected: S1E01

Over the next few weeks I’m going to attempt to find as many of the references, gags, etc in BoJack Horseman – and then make a post based on each episode, whenever I reach a point where I think I’ve worked out the majority.

I had been planning on analyzing the episodes with a bit more depth, and looking at the character development and metaphor of the series… but I think I’ll leave that for someone smarter, as whilst I’m able to traverse the depth the show has to offer, I don’t think I’d be able to articulate my theories/observations in a way that would do the series justice.

So, without further ado, here is every pun/gag/reference I was able to find/source from Season 1, Episode 1. Hope you enjoy it, and if you notice anything I missed (or got wrong) feel free to let me know! πŸ™‚

Image110So the first shot of the series is the house from Horsin’ Around. Note how it has a barn door. That didn’t really click the first time I watched it.

Image53The magazines featured at the start of the episode bear mentioning for two reasons. Firstly, Person magazine features an interesting bit of foreshadowing in regards to Sarah Lynn’s singing career and, secondly, Eighteen magazine’s “7 reasons your skin is gross” is just hilarious.

Image54The single here is a reference to Run-D.M.C’s cover of “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. Took me longer to work this one out than I would care to admit…

Image111Cute little raccoon cutaway. Also, that’s a really big spoon.

Image55Whilst this isn’t the best screenshot, I figured I would deal with this painting now, as this is it’s first appearance. The painting behind BoJack is an homage to David Hockney’s Portrait of an Artist. Thank you, internet, for that one.

Image65Okay, so I had no idea that this was even a reference to something – I was initially only including it because I thought it was neat. However, a last-minute google search lead me to this reddit post, which shows that it’s actually an homage to the famous-for-being-famous media personality Angelyne.

I love that I’m still learning/noticing new things about this show.

Image66Just felt like this deserved to be acknowledged.

Image73I didn’t realize this until I re-watched the show for the second time (for the sake of these posts), but whenever people address BoJack as “the horse from Horsing Around” they aren’t just generalizing him as “the horse” – they’re using his character’s actual name! This totally went over my head initially.

Image6731 bottles (32 if you include the one BoJack is holding), 16 cans and a keg… If you’ve ever had any doubt that BoJack has an alcohol problem, this image should clear that up for you.

Image52This is another painting that I could probably have gotten a clearer image of in a later episode… but I’m not patient enough to wait. I recognized it instantly, so I’d be surprised if there’s anyone out there who didn’t (I mean, if I noticed it, then it must be obvious). In case you didn’t, however, it’s an homage to The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli.

Image51So, I wasn’t able to pin these ones down. I’m pretty sure that they’re connected to Andy Warhol… but right now I’m going to have to assume they’re original pieces inspired by his work, as opposed to pieces based on his work. I could, however, be wrong entirely…

Image59The Lululemming store seems to be based on a Canada-based athletic clothing store called Lululemon (which really sounds like the name of a Digimon). I only realized this connections thanks to the fact that a similar (Albeit more obvious) parody was made in Zootopia.

Image112Oh hey, look who’s on the TV. We’ll see more of this guy in episode 2.

Image72Love this little pigeon gag. But every time I see it, my eyes are drawn elsewhere…

Image71…to this fountain! I’m actually really surprised the animators were able to get away with this putting this here.

I’m going to assume the name “elefante” is a parody of an actual restaurant, but I have no idea as to what that restaurant’s name may be.


Image57Well, this is just cute. I feel like I could make some kind of comment on it if I drove a car… or had any knowledge of cars… but I don’t.

Image58Surely cat nip would be considered a Class C drug in this universe? It feels weird seeing it being drunk in tea… Still, just like the previous cats-land-on-their-feet gag, it’s always awesome to see these little details to acknowledge that “yes, they are animals”.

Image68Love that little picture he has on the wall – and just the attention to detail in regards to his office’s general disrepair. However, if he lives in Cincinnati… why does he have a picture of an igloo?

Image49“Diane currently lives in Los Angeles with a dog”.

Oh yeah she does.

Image69Again, just drawing attention to the small details. But, seriously, who uses AOL any more? πŸ˜›

Image60I probably found this far more amusing than I should have, but the donkey’s expression here just sells the pun so hard.

Image61Me gusta = I like it (according to Google Translate).

What does he like, exactly? Only time will tell…

Or not.

Image62Sticky Pink has got to be the worst possible name for candy floss I’ve ever heard in my life. It might just be my dirty mind… but I can only think of one thing that name could be in reference to, and I would prefer said thing be as far detached from my confections as possible πŸ˜›

Image64Fun fact: Horses can’t vomit.



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