BoJack Dissected: S1E02

Continuing on from my earlier post, here’s a collection of the various things I found in episode 2 of BoJack Horseman that I think deserve mentioning. Chances are good that these are all super obvious, and I’ve missed a bunch of far smarter allusions that just went over my head, but I can always come back to this post later and add more as I discover them. 🙂

Image75First off, we get to see that Princess Carolyn’s picture on BoJack’s phone is a ball of yarn – which is cute. Also worth noting that here his phone gives a choice of Decline/Accept, whereas in the last episode the available options were Yep/Nope.

Image74Whilst the scratching post is rather hard to miss, I was quite pleased to discover that the plant on Princess Carolyn’s desk is in fact Catnip. I had just sort of dismissed it as a generic plant before, so it was cool to look into it in the hopes of there being more to it, and finding out that there was.

Image76I can’t imagine Jon Hamm would be too happy about this cameo – but all publicity is good publicity, I guess 😛 I wonder who the bird is supposed to be…

Image77Okay, I feel like this gag has some unfortunate implications… but it’s still amusing as long as you don’t think about it too much.

Image106I wonder if this guy lives on Drury Lane…

Image79Well, obviously this guy is shopping for carrots. I mean, what else would he eat?

Image80Tried very hard to find out if this painting was based on/inspired by anything in particular… but had no luck. It has a look to it that makes me think that’s probably the case, but I guess it’ll just have to remain a mystery to me for now.

Image81…if this guy likes grass so much, why even bother with the shears?

Image82Note the magazine, which seems to be a call-back to one of the magazines featured in the opening of the first episode… although the colors are slightly different, which seems a bit strange…

Image83Obviously a parody of the Beatles, and their album A Hard Day’s Night. Still, is it just me… or do these guys look more like ants than beetles? I suppose, it’s hardly unheard of for the animators to subvert expectations in this regard, but it still seems a tad odd.

What’s also odd is that the Beatles spelled their name with an “a” in the first place. I genuinely didn’t notice that until just now…

Image86I love how Princess Carolyn is on a treadmill between a cheetah and a sloth 😛 Like, what is that sloth even doing there? Also worth noting the mouse Carolyn is chasing after… I wonder what she’ll do if she catches it.

Come to think of it, it seems a little strange that Carolyn has two mouse-related objects that are both relatively non-anthropomorphic… I don’t think I’ve ever seen regular animals in the show.

Image87I wonder if they made that nautical pun on porpoise?

Image88Tom Jumbo-Grumbo is not amused.

Image90The painting behind Diane is based on Dance (II) by Henry Matisse. I like to the think that the horse & cat in the painting are references to BoJack and Carolyn… and the human could be Diane. The theory kind of falls apart with the duck, however…

Image91Including this purely based on BoJack’s hilarious expression.

Obviously this blog does not support horse on horse violence.

Image92The ticker text during this scene is basically all hilarious, but I felt like this segment in particular deserved to be pointed out.

Image94Bear puns… alliteration… fat-shaming. This frame has it all.

Image107Besides Todd, the scammers are also targeting the blue jay paparazzo who appears later in the series. I wasn’t able to work out what the sign directly above the woman’s head said… but the text in the upper right (米国のハッスル) translated roughly to “The United States of Hustle”… which seems appropriate.

Image98So… is this a reference to the most well-known adynaton? Probably.

Image100Dog biscuits on the table (which Todd is also eating), but my favourite part of this image is the fact that not only is Mr. Peanut Butter drinking from a dog bowl, but it looks like he’s drinking a cocktail from a dog bowl, complete with an orange wedge garnish – which is a little detail I can really appreciate (what with working at a cocktail bar and all…).

Image99So… Mr. Peanut Butter really seems to like tennis balls. He refers to Diane as a “tennis ball and chain” near the beginning of the episode, and I’m starting to think he may have meant it as a compliment…

Image101I mean… this guy clearly likes tennis balls.

Image108Also, while we’re on Mr. Peanut Butter, I’d just like to point out his apparent inability to not look at the camera whilst being filmed – I’d say chances are good that his post-sitcom acting abilities are on par with BoJack’s.

Also, how adorable is he when he’s sneaking away? Very. That’s how.

Image103So the Misprints are an actual band, and this t-shirt’s design is based on this “Funny Misfits” band shirt design.

I might have to give these guys a listen at some point…

Image104I wonder if this guy needs some help getting down…


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