BoJack Dissected: S1E03


Image115BoJack looks ridiculously sinister here. Sarah Lynn’s terrified expression is completely justified.

Image116Sarah Lynn’s music video is directed by David LaChapelle, who has directed numerous music videos for Elton John and Christina Aguilera, among others.

Image118Originally assumed that Sextina Aquafina was just a parody of Christina Aguilera… but considering the title of the song (gotta love how they spelled ginormous  with a “y” so it’s sounds “vag-ier”), she was probably intended to be a parody of Awkwafina – an artist whose songs include “My Vag” and “Queef”.

“Awkwafina is a genius,
and her vagina is 50 times better than a penis”.

Image119Oh well, I’m sure they’ll have this fixed by the next episode…

Image142The Swine Within Reach = Design Within Reach.

Image144Oh, would you look at that. Sarah Lynn is eating pancakes.

Image145I can appreciate the giant bag of chips, and the “50 different dips in one GIANT jar” (because that just seems like it’d be the perfect thing to bring to a party), but what the hell are they planning to do with “party” chains and “party” whips?

Image121Interesting choice of reading material…

Image122Another painting that I’m convinced is based on something. Will come back to this one later if I ever manage to track down the source.


Image125Are they playing catch with a blow-up sex doll?

Image127Bit of a freeze-frame bonus: when BoJack drags Sarah Lynn away, her phone’s screen is briefly visible – showing that she was looking at pictures of pancakes.

Image126Gull wrestling? I feel like we were cheated a little bit by the fact that we never got to see this…

Image128Image129BoJack is kind of a dick.

Image130I love that even the carousel horses have hands/feet… though it does remind me of Princess Carolyn’s mouse toys. Other than them, the artists seem to have been incredibly thorough in making sure all animals are anthropomorphized.

Image134Well, these guys look like they’ve been having fun.

Image131So Mr. Peanut Butter’s image on BoJack’s phone is of a fire hydrant. That’s pretty… apt, I guess? I wonder if we’ll see one of these every episode? We’re 3 for 3 so far, after all.

Image132Oh dear. How is she gonna get out this one.


Oh well, I’m definitely sure they’ll have this fixed by the next episode…Image146Looks like somebody left their porn behind.

Image136Also, kudos for the “A Lemur Was Here” graffiti. Nice touch.

Image27Again, Sarah Lynn is looking at pancakes on her phone. This girl must really like pancakes.

Image141Get it? Because he’s a horse.

Do you get it?

You don’t get it…


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