BoJack Dissected: S1E04

Image147Opening shot features another appearance by the two raccoons who appeared in the first episode; albeit this time seemingly cooperating with each other – they must have had a falling out some point later, as they don’t seem particularly friendly in the pilot.

Image175The names decorating The Laugh Shack building’s exterior are all people who have worked on the series; including Amy Winfrey, Brian Harris andย Andrew LeBlanc.

Image148During BoJack’s stand-up routine, there are two crickets in the audience.

Did you get that?

Image160Remember that thing that got burned in the last episode? Yeah… it’s gonna stay like that for a while. I love the attention that was paid to the show’s continuity.

Image151They even made the effort to reflect this change in the opening credits sequence.

Image149It’s a little bit harder to spot… but they also made sure to reflect the fact that BoJack’s bed was broken in the last episode – with the broken leg being replaced by a pile of books.

Image152The moths are attracted to the floodlights here, which is a pretty cool touch. Also, the roast of Gloria Steinem was actually mentioned by Princess Carolyn in the last episode, so it’s nice to see them doing something with that.

Image157Speaking of Princess Carolyn, she is giving no shits during this scene – she spends almost all of it glued to her phone. Also, look how full Todd’s plate is.

Image153Oh my god Mr. Peanut Butter! What the hell!? Why aren’t you wearing a v-neck??

Image155Probably an obvious one, but I thought it was neat that the portrait behind Mr. Peanut Butter matches the girls’ personalities – with one being smiley and one being down in the dumps.

Image182Mr. Peanut Butter sure is enthusiastic here.

Image158Which is more than can be said for Princess Carolyn, who has now progressed from one phone to two. Never let it be said she doesn’t work hard…

Image159I recognize most of the people featured in these pictures… the cast of Horsin’ Around, Herb Kazzaz and the bird camera-man (camera bird-man?), however I don’t recognize the person featured in the picture on the far left. At least, not at the time of writing anyway.

Image161Another shot of the bed, post-cannonball.

Image162So this is our first time seeing the outside of Mr. Peanut Butter’s house, and (of course) he has a fire hydrant fountain. I hope that doesn’t mean he urinates in there… I mean, he is a dog.

Image163I feel like this lady is in the wrong line of work if she gets annoyed at people eating steak. I mean… there’s a picture of a burger on the wall for goodness sake – and it doesn’t look like a chicken burger to me.

Image107Also worth pointing out that this guy was one of the targets of the scamming group from earlier.

Image164Mr. Peanut Butter really is blowing my mind today. A second crew-neck!? Okay, well at least this one is justified…

Image165That’s… a lot to take in.

Also, why is joint spelled with a 1?

And what does it even mean by “A Todd Joint”?

Image166Quackers. Ha!

Image167Because why have a 7-Eleven when you could have an 8-Twelve? ๐Ÿ˜›

Image173Oooh, this looks exciting! I wonder what kind of video game this is?



Image169“Wake up! It’s the morning!”

Image183So whilst most of the stuff on this guy’s laptop is gibberish, there are a few coherent fragments hidden within the madness.


Image170Well, this one was rather obvious.

Image171So, according to Google, Henry is a really common name for hippos in the media. Really common. I would have linked to a few expamples, but WordPress seems to be adamantly removing any new links I add, or allowing their inclusion by removing others… so I must have a limit I was unaware of.

And that’s it for this episode! See you next time! ๐Ÿ˜€



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