BoJack Dissected: S1E05

Dog0The airport’s mascot (who I had previously featured in my “Dogs of BoJack Horseman” post) is a reference to the movie Air Bud, and also the dog that inspired it.

Image185So Penguin Publishing is situated (rather unfortunately) right next to this building. That’s a rather cruel irony.

Image189The text reads: Danger! Declared in imminent ruin. Asbestos. (or at least, that’s what the text reads according to Google Translate.

Image187The inside of the building doesn’t seem to be faring much better than the outside. Diane is sitting on a pile of books in lieu of a chair, for instance, and you can see an open safe, behind the penguin, which is completely empty.

This time there is an igloo featured on a calendar, as opposed to a simple photograph/painting (kinda hard to tell in a cartoon). Seriously, the guy wonders why people think he comes from the antarctic?

Image190BoJack’s note, for anyone who wanted to read it, but didn’t want to press pause. It’s literally a word-for-word transcript of the words BoJack speaks to Todd. Got to say I was a tad dissapointed they didn’t throw in a little joke.

Image191The champagne is literally “fancy”. That’s what it’s called. If I ever saw a bottle of anything called “fancy” in a store, I would assume it be anything but… but maybe that’s just me.

Image192Not to be confused with Quackers salted crackers (featured in Episode 4).

Image193I feel like a huge opportunity was missed here.

Like, there was a particular breed of dog that may have been more suited to Elvis…

Image194So, it was pointed out to me that the photos of David Boreanaz were sourced from actual images. I never would have guessed the one on the right (which was the one shown to me), but after this fact was pointed out to me, I did recognize the one on the left…

david boreanaz2Not ashamed to admit I recognized this one straight away. Had a little bit of a crush on Boreanaz when I was younger (and a huge Buffy fan) so I was pretty familiar with the image that inspired this one.

Image198david boreanaz1Ooft.

Image237 Jeter sucks.


“Peeping Tom Tours” and “Nosy Nancy Sights”. Yeah, those names seem pretty appropriate. Also, kinda cool how each bus is a different primary colour. Well, I thought it was cool anyway.

Image199There’s something incredibly “squicky” about this…

Image201The “Piece of Shit Dad Package” looks like it’d be worth every penny.

Image200But, then again, this one seems pretty good too…

Image202He even squelches away like a maggot. Gross.

Image206“Nguyen chum”? They actually labelled it “Nguyen chum”…

Also, gotta love the simplicity of that license plate…

Image208Beers = Cheers. Pretty surprised that I worked that one out considering I’m not American, but at the same time I’m sure it was obvious to most people.

Image209Just jeet it!


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