BoJack Dissected: S1E06

Image239Because bears like honey, obviously 😛

Image218So, it’s official… Mr. Peanut Butter is obsessed with tennis balls.

Also, his license plate is “Good Boy”, and that’s adorable.

Image220So, the challenges that BoJack and Mr. Peanut Butter participated in include;
Mini golf
Ping Pong
Building houses of Cards
Knife throwing
Pie eating
Twister, and…
Competitive rubik’s cube-ing. Huh.

Image221“I miss u sheelah”.
“I did her”.

Well ain’t that romantic.

Image222Y’know, all you’d need is a little Creme de Menthe and you’d be able to make a pretty killer Green Russian with that.

Image223Gotta love the guys who are having a thumb war whilst getting butt-probed. I guess they needed a distraction?

Image226Best. Cat. Name. Ever.

Image227And she doesn’t seem to pleased about it.

Image228Love how they scratched out the D (seeing how it went missing and all). Nice touch.

Image229Nothing in particular to point out here (except another tennis ball, and a picture of a tennis ball), but just thoght I’d include this screen cap to just show off the amount of little details they put into this set.

Image230Yep, the horse-shoe seems appropriate.

Also, looks like we’re back to Nope/Yep again.

Image232Both of these photographs were obviously taken during Episode 4. That’s a pretty large burrito I must say…

Image233Aww, they play fetch together! Cute.

Image235Looks like they’ve included 2 of these in this episode – maybe to make up for the absence of a new one in the last episode 😛

I was kind of wondering what they would use to symbolize Diane, seeing how she’s a human, and thereby mostly immune to these kinds of visual puns. The typewriter seems appropriate.

Image236And just in case you somehow missed it! 😛


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