So, I recently binge-watched the third season of BoJack Horseman, and I must say it was pretty spectacular. There were a few things I had hoped/expected to see that didn’t come to pass, but the absence of these elements was made up for by the sheer number of beautiful and haunting moments that I could never have predicted.

Anyway, down to business. Today’s post is primarily going to be an explanation of the main reason I love the show, and the numerous ways it has affected me. I haven’t done a “personal” blog in a while, so I figured this would be a nice way to be personal whilst also ranting about one of my favorite shows.

The reason this show resonates with me so much more than others is the way in which the characters are all written in such a way that I can relate with all of them – which is an incredibly unusual thing, at least for me.

Throughout the first two seasons I was able to see a little bit of myself in almost all of the characters – and in many of these cases seeing my neuroses personified in such a way allowed me to recognize and acknowledge them in a way I hadn’t previously.

Initially I saw myself mostly in Diane, but the more I observed BoJack the more I was able to put a “face” to my depression and recognize just how far it’s influence had reached.

Mr Peanutbutter also hit close to home when his more depressive traits started to see light. The way he acknowledged his need to constantly stay distracted rang particularly true, and I began to see his positive outlook as a facade – much like the one I had felt obligated to keep up for years.

In fact, the only “main” character I was unable to relate to in those first two seasons was Todd. That fact changed dramatically, however, by the end of season 3. But that’s probably something for another post entirely… once I’m able to process things.

Since watching this show for the first time, and going on a journey with the characters, I’ve slowly gained a new degree of self awareness… which isn’t something I ever would have expected. It’s really made me think about my flaws and try to address them, and whilst I’m under no illusions that I’ve magically improved in these past few months, I feel like the show has started an internal dialogue which could lead to real change.

Obviously all of this is only a small part of why I love the show so much – but it’s an aspect of the show that means a lot to me… so I wanted to at least attempt to articulate it. Hopefully I’ve managed to do that to at least some degree.

I may go into more detail about this topic later, or I might simply write a post about one of the other parts of the show I enjoy. I guess it depends on whether I can write something that doesn’t just make me feel like a vapid fan-boy…


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