Hiatus… again.

So it’s fairly obvious that I haven’t been finding the time to blog recently. There have been a number of factors contributing to this, but the main reason is simply that I’m too gosh-darn busy to write about the things I want to and I’m struggling to force myself to half-ass any more posts just for the sake of doing something.

I spent last month doing a very… simplistic daily comic, and it was pretty enjoyable for the most part, but it also sucked up what little spare time I had. Now that college is getting closer, I’ve really had to knuckle down and focus on getting the last of my paperwork dealt with, and packing all my stuff. So when I do have spare time I really just want to spend it recuperating my energies, not spending them.

I’ve therefore decided to commit to not committing. I’ll be staying away from blogging for the rest of August (unless I feel exceptionally inspired or energized) and will return to it in September in a more limited capacity. The idea being that I’ll do one post a week (probably on a Saturday) and in doing so I’ll give myself more time to plan/research my posts – thereby allowing me to create more interesting/well-written content that will in turn motivate me to continue (I mean, in theory at least…)

Not exactly expecting anybody to weep over my absence, but I figured I’d at least acknowledge it… for my own sake if nothing else.

Well, see you in September then! 🙂 x


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