BoJack Dissected: S1E06

Image239Because bears like honey, obviously ๐Ÿ˜›

Image218So, it’s official… Mr. Peanut Butter is obsessed with tennis balls.

Also, his license plate is “Good Boy”, and that’s adorable.

Image220So, the challenges that BoJack and Mr. Peanut Butter participated in include;
Mini golf
Ping Pong
Building houses of Cards
Knife throwing
Pie eating
Twister, and…
Competitive rubik’s cube-ing. Huh.

Image221“I miss u sheelah”.
“I did her”.

Well ain’t that romantic.

Image222Y’know, all you’d need is a little Creme de Menthe and you’d be able to make a pretty killer Green Russian with that.

Image223Gotta love the guys who are having a thumb war whilst getting butt-probed. I guess they needed a distraction?

Image226Best. Cat. Name. Ever.

Image227And she doesn’t seem to pleased about it.

Image228Love how they scratched out the D (seeing how it went missing and all). Nice touch.

Image229Nothing in particular to point out here (except another tennis ball, and a picture of a tennis ball), but just thoght I’d include this screen cap to just show off the amount of little details they put into this set.

Image230Yep, the horse-shoe seems appropriate.

Also, looks like we’re back to Nope/Yep again.

Image232Both of these photographs were obviously taken during Episode 4. That’s a pretty large burrito I must say…

Image233Aww, they play fetch together! Cute.

Image235Looks like they’ve included 2 of these in this episode – maybe to make up for the absence of a new one in the last episode ๐Ÿ˜›

I was kind of wondering what they would use to symbolize Diane, seeing how she’s a human, and thereby mostly immune to these kinds of visual puns. The typewriter seems appropriate.

Image236And just in case you somehow missed it! ๐Ÿ˜›


BoJack Dissected: S1E05

Dog0The airport’s mascot (who I had previously featured in my “Dogs of BoJack Horseman” post) is a reference to the movie Air Bud, and also the dog that inspired it.

Image185So Penguin Publishing is situated (rather unfortunately) right next to this building. That’s a rather cruel irony.

Image189The text reads: Danger! Declared in imminent ruin. Asbestos. (or at least, that’s what the text reads according to Google Translate.

Image187The inside of the building doesn’t seem to be faring much better than the outside. Diane is sitting on a pile of books in lieu of a chair, for instance, and you can see an open safe, behind the penguin, which is completely empty.

This time there is an igloo featured on a calendar, as opposed to a simple photograph/painting (kinda hard to tell in a cartoon). Seriously, the guy wonders why people think he comes from the antarctic?

Image190BoJack’s note, for anyone who wanted to read it, but didn’t want to press pause. It’s literally a word-for-word transcript of the words BoJack speaks to Todd. Got to say I was a tad dissapointed they didn’t throw in a little joke.

Image191The champagne is literally “fancy”. That’s what it’s called. If I ever saw a bottle of anything called “fancy” in a store, I would assume it be anything but… but maybe that’s just me.

Image192Not to be confused with Quackers salted crackers (featured in Episode 4).

Image193I feel like a huge opportunity was missed here.

Like, there was a particular breed of dog that may have been more suited to Elvis…

Image194So, it was pointed out to me that the photos of David Boreanaz were sourced from actual images. I never would have guessed the one on the right (which was the one shown to me), but after this fact was pointed out to me, I did recognize the one on the left…

david boreanaz2Not ashamed to admit I recognized this one straight away. Had a little bit of a crush on Boreanaz when I was younger (and a huge Buffy fan) so I was pretty familiar with the image that inspired this one.

Image198david boreanaz1Ooft.

Image237 Jeter sucks.


“Peeping Tom Tours” and “Nosy Nancy Sights”. Yeah, those names seem pretty appropriate. Also, kinda cool how each bus is a different primary colour. Well, I thought it was cool anyway.

Image199There’s something incredibly “squicky” about this…

Image201The “Piece of Shit Dad Package” looks like it’d be worth every penny.

Image200But, then again, this one seems pretty good too…

Image202He even squelches away like a maggot. Gross.

Image206“Nguyen chum”? They actually labelled it “Nguyen chum”…

Also, gotta love the simplicity of that license plate…

Image208Beers = Cheers. Pretty surprised that I worked that one out considering I’m not American, but at the same time I’m sure it was obvious to most people.

Image209Just jeet it!

BoJack Dissected: S1E04

Image147Opening shot features another appearance by the two raccoons who appeared in the first episode; albeit this time seemingly cooperating with each other – they must have had a falling out some point later, as they don’t seem particularly friendly in the pilot.

Image175The names decorating The Laugh Shack building’s exterior are all people who have worked on the series; including Amy Winfrey, Brian Harris andย Andrew LeBlanc.

Image148During BoJack’s stand-up routine, there are two crickets in the audience.

Did you get that?

Image160Remember that thing that got burned in the last episode? Yeah… it’s gonna stay like that for a while. I love the attention that was paid to the show’s continuity.

Image151They even made the effort to reflect this change in the opening credits sequence.

Image149It’s a little bit harder to spot… but they also made sure to reflect the fact that BoJack’s bed was broken in the last episode – with the broken leg being replaced by a pile of books.

Image152The moths are attracted to the floodlights here, which is a pretty cool touch. Also, the roast of Gloria Steinem was actually mentioned by Princess Carolyn in the last episode, so it’s nice to see them doing something with that.

Image157Speaking of Princess Carolyn, she is giving no shits during this scene – she spends almost all of it glued to her phone. Also, look how full Todd’s plate is.

Image153Oh my god Mr. Peanut Butter! What the hell!? Why aren’t you wearing a v-neck??

Image155Probably an obvious one, but I thought it was neat that the portrait behind Mr. Peanut Butter matches the girls’ personalities – with one being smiley and one being down in the dumps.

Image182Mr. Peanut Butter sure is enthusiastic here.

Image158Which is more than can be said for Princess Carolyn, who has now progressed from one phone to two. Never let it be said she doesn’t work hard…

Image159I recognize most of the people featured in these pictures… the cast of Horsin’ Around, Herb Kazzaz and the bird camera-man (camera bird-man?), however I don’t recognize the person featured in the picture on the far left. At least, not at the time of writing anyway.

Image161Another shot of the bed, post-cannonball.

Image162So this is our first time seeing the outside of Mr. Peanut Butter’s house, and (of course) he has a fire hydrant fountain. I hope that doesn’t mean he urinates in there… I mean, he is a dog.

Image163I feel like this lady is in the wrong line of work if she gets annoyed at people eating steak. I mean… there’s a picture of a burger on the wall for goodness sake – and it doesn’t look like a chicken burger to me.

Image107Also worth pointing out that this guy was one of the targets of the scamming group from earlier.

Image164Mr. Peanut Butter really is blowing my mind today. A second crew-neck!? Okay, well at least this one is justified…

Image165That’s… a lot to take in.

Also, why is joint spelled with a 1?

And what does it even mean by “A Todd Joint”?

Image166Quackers. Ha!

Image167Because why have a 7-Eleven when you could have an 8-Twelve? ๐Ÿ˜›

Image173Oooh, this looks exciting! I wonder what kind of video game this is?



Image169“Wake up! It’s the morning!”

Image183So whilst most of the stuff on this guy’s laptop is gibberish, there are a few coherent fragments hidden within the madness.


Image170Well, this one was rather obvious.

Image171So, according to Google, Henry is a really common name for hippos in the media. Really common. I would have linked to a few expamples, but WordPress seems to be adamantly removing any new links I add, or allowing their inclusion by removing others… so I must have a limit I was unaware of.

And that’s it for this episode! See you next time! ๐Ÿ˜€


BoJack Dissected: S1E03


Image115BoJack looks ridiculously sinister here. Sarah Lynn’s terrified expression is completely justified.

Image116Sarah Lynn’s music video is directed by David LaChapelle, who has directed numerous music videos for Elton John and Christina Aguilera, among others.

Image118Originally assumed that Sextina Aquafina was just a parody of Christina Aguilera… but considering the title of the song (gotta love how they spelled ginormousย  with a “y” so it’s sounds “vag-ier”), she was probably intended to be a parody of Awkwafina – an artist whose songs include “My Vag” and “Queef”.

“Awkwafina is a genius,
and her vagina is 50 times better than a penis”.

Image119Oh well, I’m sure they’ll have this fixed by the next episode…

Image142The Swine Within Reach = Design Within Reach.

Image144Oh, would you look at that. Sarah Lynn is eating pancakes.

Image145I can appreciate the giant bag of chips, and the “50 different dips in one GIANT jar” (because that just seems like it’d be the perfect thing to bring to a party), but what the hell are they planning to do with “party” chains and “party” whips?

Image121Interesting choice of reading material…

Image122Another painting that I’m convinced is based on something. Will come back to this one later if I ever manage to track down the source.


Image125Are they playing catch with a blow-up sex doll?

Image127Bit of a freeze-frame bonus: when BoJack drags Sarah Lynn away, her phone’s screen is briefly visible – showing that she was looking at pictures of pancakes.

Image126Gull wrestling? I feel like we were cheated a little bit by the fact that we never got to see this…

Image128Image129BoJack is kind of a dick.

Image130I love that even the carousel horses have hands/feet… though it does remind me of Princess Carolyn’s mouse toys. Other than them, the artists seem to have been incredibly thorough in making sure all animals are anthropomorphized.

Image134Well, these guys look like they’ve been having fun.

Image131So Mr. Peanut Butter’s image on BoJack’s phone is of a fire hydrant. That’s pretty… apt, I guess? I wonder if we’ll see one of these every episode? We’re 3 for 3 so far, after all.

Image132Oh dear. How is she gonna get out this one.


Oh well, I’m definitely sure they’ll have this fixed by the next episode…Image146Looks like somebody left their porn behind.

Image136Also, kudos for the “A Lemur Was Here” graffiti. Nice touch.

Image27Again, Sarah Lynn is looking at pancakes on her phone. This girl must really like pancakes.

Image141Get it? Because he’s a horse.

Do you get it?

You don’t get it…

BoJack Dissected: S1E02

Continuing on from my earlier post, here’s a collection of the various things I found in episode 2 of BoJack Horseman that I think deserve mentioning. Chances are good that these are all super obvious, and I’ve missed a bunch of far smarter allusions that just went over my head, but I can always come back to this post later and add more as I discover them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Image75First off, we get to see that Princess Carolyn’s picture on BoJack’s phone is a ball of yarn – which is cute. Also worth noting that here his phone gives a choice of Decline/Accept, whereas in the last episode the available options were Yep/Nope.

Image74Whilst the scratching post is rather hard to miss, I was quite pleased to discover that the plant on Princess Carolyn’s desk is in fact Catnip. I had just sort of dismissed it as a generic plant before, so it was cool to look into it in the hopes of there being more to it, and finding out that there was.

Image76I can’t imagine Jon Hamm would be too happy about this cameo – but all publicity is good publicity, I guess ๐Ÿ˜› I wonder who the bird is supposed to be…

Image77Okay, I feel like this gag has some unfortunate implications… but it’s still amusing as long as you don’t think about it too much.

Image106I wonder if this guy lives on Drury Lane…

Image79Well, obviously this guy is shopping for carrots. I mean, what else would he eat?

Image80Tried very hard to find out if this painting was based on/inspired by anything in particular… but had no luck. It has a look to it that makes me think that’s probably the case, but I guess it’ll just have to remain a mystery to me for now.

Image81…if this guy likes grass so much, why even bother with the shears?

Image82Note the magazine, which seems to be a call-back to one of the magazines featured in the opening of the first episode… although the colors are slightly different, which seems a bit strange…

Image83Obviously a parody of the Beatles, and their album A Hard Day’s Night. Still, is it just me… or do these guys look more like ants than beetles? I suppose, it’s hardly unheard of for the animators to subvert expectations in this regard, but it still seems a tad odd.

What’s also odd is that the Beatles spelled their name with an “a” in the first place. I genuinely didn’t notice that until just now…

Image86I love how Princess Carolyn is on a treadmill between a cheetah and a sloth ๐Ÿ˜› Like, what is that sloth even doing there? Also worth noting the mouse Carolyn is chasing after… I wonder what she’ll do if she catches it.

Come to think of it, it seems a little strange that Carolyn has two mouse-related objects that are both relatively non-anthropomorphic… I don’t think I’ve ever seen regular animals in the show.

Image87I wonder if they made that nautical pun on porpoise?

Image88Tom Jumbo-Grumbo is not amused.

Image90The painting behind Diane is based on Dance (II) by Henry Matisse. I like to the think that the horse & cat in the painting are references to BoJack and Carolyn… and the human could be Diane. The theory kind of falls apart with the duck, however…

Image91Including this purely based on BoJack’s hilarious expression.

Obviously this blog does not support horse on horse violence.

Image92The ticker text during this scene is basically all hilarious, but I felt like this segment in particular deserved to be pointed out.

Image94Bear puns… alliteration… fat-shaming. This frame has it all.

Image107Besides Todd, the scammers are also targeting the blue jay paparazzo who appears later in the series. I wasn’t able to work out what the sign directly above the woman’s head said… but the text in the upper right (็ฑณๅ›ฝใฎใƒใƒƒใ‚นใƒซ) translated roughly to “The United States of Hustle”… which seems appropriate.

Image98So… is this a reference to the most well-known adynaton? Probably.

Image100Dog biscuits on the table (which Todd is also eating), but my favourite part of this image is the fact that not only is Mr. Peanut Butter drinking from a dog bowl, but it looks like he’s drinking a cocktail from a dog bowl, complete with an orange wedge garnish – which is a little detail I can really appreciate (what with working at a cocktail bar and all…).

Image99So… Mr. Peanut Butter really seems to like tennis balls. He refers to Diane as a “tennis ball and chain” near the beginning of the episode, and I’m starting to think he may have meant it as a compliment…

Image101I mean… this guy clearly likes tennis balls.

Image108Also, while we’re on Mr. Peanut Butter, I’d just like to point out his apparent inability to not look at the camera whilst being filmed – I’d say chances are good that his post-sitcom acting abilities are on par with BoJack’s.

Also, how adorable is he when he’s sneaking away? Very. That’s how.

Image103So the Misprints are an actual band, and this t-shirt’s design is based on this “Funny Misfits” band shirt design.

I might have to give these guys a listen at some point…

Image104I wonder if this guy needs some help getting down…

BoJack Dissected: S1E01

Over the next few weeks I’m going to attempt to find as many of the references, gags, etc in BoJack Horseman – and then make a post based on each episode, whenever I reach a point where I think I’ve worked out the majority.

I had been planning on analyzing the episodes with a bit more depth, and looking at the character development and metaphor of the series… but I think I’ll leave that for someone smarter, as whilst I’m able to traverse the depth the show has to offer, I don’t think I’d be able to articulate my theories/observations in a way that would do the series justice.

So, without further ado, here is every pun/gag/reference I was able to find/source from Season 1, Episode 1. Hope you enjoy it, and if you notice anything I missed (or got wrong) feel free to let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

Image110So the first shot of the series is the house from Horsin’ Around. Note how it has a barn door. That didn’t really click the first time I watched it.

Image53The magazines featured at the start of the episode bear mentioning for two reasons. Firstly, Person magazine features an interesting bit of foreshadowing in regards to Sarah Lynn’s singing career and, secondly, Eighteen magazine’s “7 reasons your skin is gross” is just hilarious.

Image54The single here is a reference to Run-D.M.C’s cover of “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. Took me longer to work this one out than I would care to admit…

Image111Cute little raccoon cutaway. Also, that’s a really big spoon.

Image55Whilst this isn’t the best screenshot, I figured I would deal with this painting now, as this is it’s first appearance. The painting behind BoJack is an homage to David Hockney’s Portrait of an Artist. Thank you, internet, for that one.

Image65Okay, so I had no idea that this was even a reference to something – I was initially only including it because I thought it was neat. However, a last-minute google search lead me to this reddit post, which shows that it’s actually an homage to the famous-for-being-famous media personality Angelyne.

I love that I’m still learning/noticing new things about this show.

Image66Just felt like this deserved to be acknowledged.

Image73I didn’t realize this until I re-watched the show for the second time (for the sake of these posts), but whenever people address BoJack as “the horse from Horsing Around” they aren’t just generalizing him as “the horse” – they’re using his character’s actual name! This totally went over my head initially.

Image6731 bottles (32 if you include the one BoJack is holding), 16 cans and a keg… If you’ve ever had any doubt that BoJack has an alcohol problem, this image should clear that up for you.

Image52This is another painting that I could probably have gotten a clearer image of in a later episode… but I’m not patient enough to wait. I recognized it instantly, so I’d be surprised if there’s anyone out there who didn’t (I mean, if I noticed it, then it must be obvious). In case you didn’t, however, it’s an homage to The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli.

Image51So, I wasn’t able to pin these ones down. I’m pretty sure that they’re connected to Andy Warhol… but right now I’m going to have to assume they’re original pieces inspired by his work, as opposed to pieces based on his work. I could, however, be wrong entirely…

Image59The Lululemming store seems to be based on a Canada-based athletic clothing store called Lululemon (which really sounds like the name of a Digimon). I only realized this connections thanks to the fact that a similar (Albeit more obvious) parody was made in Zootopia.

Image112Oh hey, look who’s on the TV. We’ll see more of this guy in episode 2.

Image72Love this little pigeon gag. But every time I see it, my eyes are drawn elsewhere…

Image71…to this fountain! I’m actually really surprised the animators were able to get away with this putting this here.

I’m going to assume the name “elefante” is a parody of an actual restaurant, but I have no idea as to what that restaurant’s name may be.


Image57Well, this is just cute. I feel like I could make some kind of comment on it if I drove a car… or had any knowledge of cars… but I don’t.

Image58Surely cat nip would be considered a Class C drug in this universe? It feels weird seeing it being drunk in tea… Still, just like the previous cats-land-on-their-feet gag, it’s always awesome to see these little details to acknowledge that “yes, they are animals”.

Image68Love that little picture he has on the wall – and just the attention to detail in regards to his office’s general disrepair. However, if he lives in Cincinnati… why does he have a picture of an igloo?

Image49“Diane currently lives in Los Angeles with a dog”.

Oh yeah she does.

Image69Again, just drawing attention to the small details. But, seriously, who uses AOL any more? ๐Ÿ˜›

Image60I probably found this far more amusing than I should have, but the donkey’s expression here just sells the pun so hard.

Image61Me gusta = I like it (according to Google Translate).

What does he like, exactly? Only time will tell…

Or not.

Image62Sticky Pink has got to be the worst possible name for candy floss I’ve ever heard in my life. It might just be my dirty mind… but I can only think of one thing that name could be in reference to, and I would prefer said thing be as far detached from my confections as possible ๐Ÿ˜›

Image64Fun fact: Horses can’t vomit.


The dogs of BoJack Horseman (part 2)

Continuing on from yesterdays post, I realized that there were definitely enough new dogs in season 2 to warrant a second post. I was a little worried that I had over-estimated the number in my head, and whilst they did reuse a number of background characters from the first season (I mean, it would have been stupid not to), they didn’t get lazy with new designs – in fact if anything I think the second season had more.

So, without further ado, here’s a gallery of my 10 favorite new dogs from season 2, along with a couple of honorable mentions.

Dog3This makeup dog appears quite frequently during the second season, and even makes an appearance in the title sequence. Like the majority of characters featured here, she doesn’t have any speaking roles (that I can recall), but she still manages to be memorable nonetheless.

Dog2This guy only makes a brief appearance during a flashback, but he just looks so jolly that I had to include him.

Dog8Another one-shot character. I love how they used primary colors to really make his outfit pop, and they create a pleasant contrast with his black & white fur.

Dog13I intentionally avoided including dogs from paintings in my last post, but I feel like this guy’s design was detailed enough to warrant inclusion. Also, I really wanted to include a bulldog.

Dog10This guy is just plain cool, and I hope they find an excuse to use him again in season 3. He could be a bloodhound Sherlock Hound, and have a little Beagle as his Watson!

Dog9So, I’m counting these guys as one just for the sake of fitting in as many dogs as I can. It’s quite unusual to find so many characters of the same species in one scene (bar humans), so I guess a wedding was as good an excuse as any. I love how the guy on the right has heterochromia – it’s such an unnecessary detail, but shows that every design has thought put into it.

Dog5Struggled to get a decent screencap of this guy… so this one will just have to do. Seeing him reminds me of the yorkshire terrier my grandmother had when I was little – he’s so cute.

Dog15Like… how buff is this guy? Pretty cool design. He looks like he could beat up most of the other dogs on this list with one hand tied behind his back.

Dog12This guys face is just adorable, but unfortunately he only appears in the background of this one scene, and he spent most of it partially obscured – so this was the best image I could get. It seems kind of weird to me that there are so many well-designed characters that the show doesn’t really… highlight, I guess? But I suppose it just shows that they put effort into everything, regardless of how important or necessary it is – which is admirable.

Dog16So, the last of the new dogs is this guy – a saint bernard. It’s design actually caused me to look into the whole barrel-round-the-neck thing, as before I just kind of accepted it, without wondering why it was a thing… I could explain it here, but I’m trying to keep on topic – and you have Google.

And now, it’s time for the honorable mentions!

Dog17This guy is back! I somehow managed to miss/forget his non-flashback appearances, but luckily his existence in the present was pointed out to me. It seems kind of weird how much he’s aged in comparison to other characters who were around at that time… but then, it is still a cool detail that he has.

Dog11And finally, this guy. I’m pretty sure he’s the same wolf-dog from the running gag in season one (see my last post if you don’t know who I mean), although there are some notable changes in his design that leave me uncertain as to whether that is the case (his nose and ears are both slightly different). I’m going to assumeย  these changes are just signs of aging, however, like with the previous dog.

So there you have it. I haven’t included every dog from the first two seasons, but I’ve hopefully included enough to get across my points –
1) The creators of this show are hard workers.
2) Anthropomorphized dogs are awesome.

I’m considering turning this whole thing into some kind of “BoJack Appreciation Month”, to celebrate the upcoming season and get me pumped up for it. The more I’ve watched the show, and spoken with people about it, the more aware I’ve become of how much it has to offer… so, time permitting, I’m going to try to post a series of blogs studying different aspects of the series so far – partly to motivate my own analysis of the show, partly to encourage others to watch it (if they haven’t already), and partly just to give me an excuse to repeatedly marathon it in anticipation of the upcoming season.